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Laura Gibbs

Chris-Hildrew-Inspired Cats!

2 min read

In a great example of "the power of open" yesterday, Chris Hildrew saw a blog post of mine here and left a comment, which then led me to connect with him at Twitter also! I had learned about him through his blog and this excellent post in particular: 

Growth Mindset Misconceptions and Missteps.

The observations in that post inspired several  cats, and I'm sharing them all together here. As you can see, I was really inspired by his observations about the importance of effort and the need for practice to be purposeful, goal-oriented, etc. For more "Growth Mindset Cats," see the blog: Growth Mindset Memes (the links below go to the posts at that blog for each cat):

That last one is the one I featured in the Growth Mindset Memes update today, and I'll be featuring the others there in the days to come.

This is not exactly related, but since my connection with Chris was prompted by the NTPoC post yesterday, I'm adding the hashtag here too. :-)