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Laura Gibbs

Extending the 25-word improv: Hint Fiction

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I had to laugh when I went to the next task for because it is "extending the improvisation" — and I had already done that before I read the assignment! GMTA ha ha. As a writing teacher who focuses on creative writing, I would want to adapt the improv task to the writing of 25-word stories. There's an anthology of such stories, and I had even been thinking about making this a creativity assignment to add to the "Growth" Challenges for next semester. Now I definitely want to do that! 

Here's the book: Hint Fiction: An Anthology of Stories in 25 Words or Fewer by Robert Swartwood

And here is a really intense one for academics to ponder:

A card in the mailbox: "Withdrawal: student deceased." She remembers the name, the only essay in the stack she'll really read.
(by John Minichillo)