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Laura Gibbs

Power of Connections: Unit One... THE DESK

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Okay, this is great: it looks like I have time to complete the "Make a Connection" task from Unit One in before leaving, sharing my desk like Stacy did! Unlike Stacy, my desk is always pretty spartan (i.e. boring). I actually have one really cool thing on my desk: it's an oil core off to the right of my monitor. My husband got that for me for my birthday this year. But other than that, it's just electronics. The desk itself is electronic, too: a standing desk, which I really like, especially during the school year when I am at the desk all day. Up and down is good for the brain. On the wall: Peaceable Kingdom by Hicks and a sleeping fox (from Etsy).

But like Stacy, my BOOKSHELF was much more fun to take a picture of. I have lots of other bookshelves around the house but this is the one to the right of my desk, so it is the one that I see all day and that has the stuff I actually USE on it. Reorganizing the contents is something I do at the beginning and end of every semester, as opposed to my other bookcases which are, admittedly, slumbering happily and gathering dust.

So, what to point out here...

* second shelf from bottom on left: Amar Chitra Katha comic books... ALL of them. That is thanks to Stacy and the OER Initiative in the OU Library. There is a set of those same comic books in Bizzell and they will be on reserve for my students in the fall. Total, complete, utter absolute excitement about this. More here: Amar Chitra Katha comic books. The stack on the left I have blogged; the ones standing up are next-to-be-blogged, and then the two stacks to the right are gosh-I-hope-I-have-time-to-blog-them.

* bottom shelf on the left: Can you see the fox? It says VULPES, and it is from my favorite Kickstarter ever: the PICTURAE project from the genius guys at Pericles Group. They prepared a CC-licensed set of images for language instructors, and you could sponsor a word as the Kickstarter pledge! I sponsored FOX, Latin VULPES, and so I got a framed fox, signed by the artist, as my reward. Here's a link to the Kickstarter and here's a link to the database: Picturae Database. Kevin Ballestrini, if you read this, you know you are my hero!

* The three shelves above the comic books are all India-related books. This has been the great summer of India for me, and I am looking forward to a great year of India as I share the "UnTextbook" with the students I've been working on with the students (latest details). Last year I focused on my Myth-Folklore course, so on the right-hand set of shelves (mostly covered up with pictures and stuff) are the folklore and proverb books that held my attention last year. 

* Do you see the magnetic hovering Tardis on the top shelf left? Doctor Who and Star Trek are my televised passions.

* Shelf of stuffed animals. They each have a story. Some of them feel a lot more sentimental now that my mother has passed away (just a few months ago); she gave me a lot of those animals.

* Cats. Yes, we have two real cats. And anyone who knows me online knows that I do digital cats also. Latest project: Growth Mindset Memes. With cats.

So, I could go on and on about the books and other things on those shelves. About my desk, not so much... but the world of books means a lot to me, as I said in a post earlier today. The world of digital books online is a paradise that I never even dreamed I would get to enjoy in my lifetime! The actual physical books I need to have at hand fill just a few shelves now... but that's only because there is a whole world of full-text books online that I can access now, glory hallelujah!

Okay... I'll be out of town for the next few days, but checking back in when I get home to see what's been happening. Have fun!!!